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LEVEL Weekly : Issue 3

Greetings, Leveller!

Welcome to the third edition of our weekly newsletter.

It may seem quiet at the moment, but large strides have been made with LEVEL, and we are extremely excited about the next few weeks!

Glad to have you with us!

In this issue

  • Developers corner

  • Platform updates & announcements

  • Governance updates

  • Platform metrics & stats

  • Market Watch

  • Community highlights

  • Upcoming events

Developers Corner

πŸ› οΈ What development has taken place in the last 7 days? Let’s take a look.

Week 5th June - 12th June 2023

Over the past week, our primary activity has been testing our production trading contracts and infrastructure, using liquidity provided by our team.

Week ahead plans:

  • Official launch of Level Trading features on Arbitrum

  • Preparation of incentives contract for Liquidity Providers and Traders

  • Preparation for Auctions on Arbitrum

  • Deep-dive discussion on NFT design

  • Preparing contracts and proposal for lock-and-boost staking

Eagle-eyed community members noticed some of the behind the scenes work πŸ‘€

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch announcement!

Updates & Announcements

LEVEL hit a huge milestone of 30,000 total users over the last week!

Earlier in the week, we announced that the LEVEL Socket Bridge is live on the platform. This feature allows users to swap assets traded on LEVEL Cross chain between BNB Chain and Abritrum.

This feature is powered by Socket.

LevelUp group

To further deepen ties with our beloved community of traders and holders, we have created the LevelUp group. This is a curated group exclusively for the top traders / users of LEVEL.

The form to apply is still open, so if you’re interested, lets hear from you!

Fill out this Google form to apply.

Governance Updates

No Governance proposals have been made through the last week, but expect a new one to be announced very soon!

Be sure that we will keep you posted.

Platform Metrics & Stats

Find more LEVEL stats here: https://dune.com/levelfinance/overview

Market Watch


Community Highlights

Selection of notable tweets from our community

Upcoming Events

We have a few upcoming spaces and discussions with other projects, check out the list below and mark your calendars!

Live Spaces with friends Wombex Finance & Perpy Finance - Thursday June 22nd, 4:30PM UTC

Twitter spaces with TraderJoe - (Date TBD)

Twitter spaces with Dynamo Defi + guest projects (Date TBD)

The next LEVEL official Spaces AMA will be hosted around 24th-25th June

πŸ“’ All upcoming AMAs & Spaces will be fully announced across Twitter and our other social media channels (as well as in this newsletter), so keep your eyes peeled!


LEVEL is the Omnichain Perpetual DEX, enabling fully permissionless, on-chain and non-custodial trading with up to 50x leverage.

At LEVEL, we provide cutting-edge risk management solutions for liquidity providers, allowing you to choose your preferred level of risk and asset exposure. All income generated from trading fees is distributed in the form of real yield to LEVEL stakeholders.

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Thanks for reading, and we will see you next week for more updates and news on LEVEL!