Introducing Zero-Fee Leverage Trading for LVL Holders


In the competitive landscape of decentralized exchanges, where trading fees have become a focal point of differentiation, LEVEL is pioneering a radical shift.

We're not just lowering fees; for LVL holders, we're eliminating them.

Get ready to trade for free - with LEVEL 

Zero in on Zero Fees

Imagine a trading environment where your profitability isn't chipped away by fees. That's the reality we're offering. By staking LVL tokens, users will be granted trading fee credits, turning the concept of zero-fee trading into a tangible advantage. 

Here's How It Works:

The Trade for Free feature is designed to significantly reduce your trading costs. Here's an easy-to-understand example to illustrate how it works:

Imagine a trader decides to stake 1,000 LVL tokens for a trading epoch, which lasts one week. Upon doing so, they receive Fee Credits. If our trader stakes their 1,000 LVL tokens right at the start of the epoch, they are rewarded with $50 in Fee Credits, which can be used for leveraged trading.

Over the course of each epoch, the amount of Fee Credits awarded for staking LVL reduces linearly. The earlier a user stakes LVL in each epoch, the more Fee Credits they will receive.

But what does this mean in terms of trading capacity? Given our fee structure, where the fee is  0.05% of the position size, these $50 in Fee Credits empower the trader to execute trades with a notional value of up to $100,000. In other words, they can trade large volumes without the burden of fees, as long as their trading falls within this notional limit.

Or to put it more simply - Stake 1 LVL, trade $100 for FREE.

At the end of each epoch, user fee credits reset. Users have the option to either roll their staked LVL over to the next epoch or withdraw them, based on their preference set in the user interface.

Fee Credit reward amount may change in the future.

This new feature is part of our innovative shift towards LEVEL 2.0, which will soon launch a testnet in Q1 2024. 

Rewarding Your Trading Volume

The Ladder, updated in preparation for LEVEL 2.0, now rewards based on your trading volume rather than fees. Whether you're trading leveraged positions or performing swaps, your volume is your ticket to earning more LVL.

- Base and Steps: The system starts with a base volume and scales up. Every $50M in volume steps you up, increasing your potential rewards.

- Capped Rewards: Rewards can reach up to 200K preLVL per epoch, aligning with around $500M in trading volume.

Trade More, Pay Less

This isn't just an offer; it's a new standard. At LEVEL, we believe in creating a fair trading landscape. By eliminating fees for LVL holders, we empower you to trade freely, maximizing your potential in the crypto economy.

Join us, and TRADE FOR FREE.

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