LEVEL : Pyth Network

Retrospective Airdrop Program

LEVEL Receives PYTH Tokens from Pyth Network

LEVEL, the omnichain, decentralized, and non-custodial perpetual exchange, is dedicated to providing transparent and self-custodial trading solutions. Our partnership with Pyth Network, particularly leveraging Pyth's Price Feeds, represents a significant stride in enhancing the DEX trading experience. We are delighted to announce that LEVEL has been awarded PYTH tokens through the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop program, underscoring our sustained collaboration since 2022.

Decisions on the Token Allocation

The allocation of the received PYTH tokens will be utilized for increased user adoption via liquidity incentives and trading rewards.

Ongoing Collaboration with Pyth Network

We continue to rely on Pyth Network for our on-chain keepers, a strategic decision that supports our goal of efficient and reliable transaction execution in a fully decentralized manner. Furthermore, as we are working on improving our code design, an on-chain verification feature by Pyth will be implemented in the future.

Looking Forward

The allocation from Pyth Network provides us with an opportunity to further develop LEVEL. We remain focused on improving our platform and expanding our offerings, with an emphasis on security, user experience, and market accessibility. We are excited to grow the decentralized finance world together with Pyth Network and look forward to continuing collaboration on technical, community and PR workstreams.