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LEVEL Weekly: Issue 9

Greetings, Leveller!

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In this issue

  • Developers Corner

  • Platform updates & announcements

  • Governance updates

  • Platform metrics & stats

  • Market Watch

  • Community highlights

  • Upcoming events

Developers Corner

Week 17th July - 21st July 2023

  • New Referral UI, added Whitelisted Referral Feature.

  • Continued to test Trading Terminal & LLP Tracker support on Arbitrum.

Week ahead plans

  • Updating Trading Terminal & LLP Tracker support on Arbitrum

  • Continuing to test LVL Omni-Staking contract.

Updates & Announcements

Period: July 12th - July 19th

Total fees: $842,826

Fees to DAO: $252,848

Burned: 75,371 LVL

Omni-chain Referral Program Adjustments

Three weeks ago, our Omni-chain Referrals went live, which enables referrers to passively earn LVL from their referred traders in a chain agnostic way. A trader can trade on both Arbitrum and BNB chain with rebates and discounts still distributed as normal.

Last week, we launched a UI overhaul and introduced changes to the way that the referral system works at its core.

Users are now able to track their progress with the referral tiers, and easily see how much in fees their traders are generating, along with how much LVL they are passively earning.

To support the organic growth of LEVEL, Users are now also able to apply for the WHITELIST. This Whitelist allows referrers to access higher rebate and discount rates than basic referrers. This feature has been introduced to help to reduce the amount of self-referring that typically takes place on Decentralised Exchanges.

Tier Adjustments:

Tier 1:

Requires at least:
• 5 Traders
• $2,000 fees paid per week

Whitelisted Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 5%
 — Trader Discount: 5%

Regular Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 2%
 — Trader Discount: 2%

Tier 2:

Requires at least:
• 15 Traders
• $10,000 fees paid per week

Whitelisted Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 7%
 — Trader Discount: 7%

Regular Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 3%
 — Trader Discount: 3%

Tier 3:

Requires at least:
• 30 Traders
• $50,000 fees paid per week

Whitelisted Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 12%
 — Trader Discount: 9%

Regular Referrer
 — Referrer Rebate: 5%
 — Trader Discount: 3%

To get started with the referral program and start passively earning LVL, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect to

  2. Click “Get Your Referral Link” to generate your own.

  3. Share the link to your friends!

  4. Earn up to 12% regular passive LVL from your active traders!

Governance Updates

No Governance proposals have been made through the last week.

Platform Metrics & Stats

BNB Chain & Arbitrum

Market Watch

Last week, the cryptocurrency market showed stability as Bitcoin and Ethereum saw slight declines. Bitcoin closed down by 0.9% at around $30.2K, and Ethereum fell by approximately 2.3% to about $1.9K. This week has not started in the greens, with BTC slipping to below $29K for a moment.

Regulatory developments in US included job ads related to CBDCs from the Federal Reserve, sparking controversy, and a proposal to back the US dollar with Bitcoin by US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In legislation, the CANSEE Act raised concerns in the DeFi community, while Ripple's XRP enjoyed a surge following a legal victory against the SEC. Traders now await economic indicators such as the FOMC meeting and Consumer Price Index data for July, which could impact the crypto market in the coming weeks.

Community Highlights

Selection of notable tweets about Level

Upcoming Events

Vaultka Finance - The Potential Synergy Between Vaultka and Level Finance
July 25th at 14:00 UTC

Levels Monthly spaces AMA is aiming for next week and currently still in the planning stage, more details will follow this week.

📢 All upcoming AMAs & Spaces will be announced across Twitter and our other social media channels (as well as in this newsletter), so keep your eyes peeled!


LEVEL is the Omnichain Perpetual DEX, enabling fully permissionless, on-chain and non-custodial trading with up to 50x leverage.

At LEVEL, we provide cutting-edge risk management solutions for liquidity providers, allowing you to choose your preferred level of risk and asset exposure. All income generated from trading fees is distributed in the form of real yield to LEVEL stakeholders.

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