$1M Liquidity Boost for LVL

Announcement: LVL Liquidity and Team Incentives

Dear LEVEL Community,

In our continued pursuit of growth and progress, we're thrilled to unveil a decisive commitment aimed at fortifying the liquidity and resilience of the LVL token. This announcement reflects our unwavering dedication to the future of the platform.

💰 $1M Liquidity Boost for LVL

The core team are proudly committing $1 million to enhance the liquidity of the LVL token through the LVL/USDT LP. This substantial commitment leverages our vested LVL team token allocation and involves redeeming a portion of our LGO holdings. Our goal is to elevate the LVL market, ensuring a smoother trading experience for our users.

🚀 Supporting Our Growing Team

With a team of over 30 dedicated members continually driving improvements, we recognize their relentless efforts. As part of this initiative, a portion will serve as incentives for our team, acknowledging their hard work, especially during the holidays, as they bring LEVEL 2.0 to fruition.

🌐 Looking Forward with Confidence

Beyond being an investment in liquidity, this initiative signifies our confidence in LEVEL's future and our commitment to both our team and community. We believe these steps will contribute significantly to a stable and thriving ecosystem for all users.

We appreciate your unwavering support and eagerly anticipate embarking on this journey with you.

Warm regards,

The LEVEL Team